PunchSim is a G-code editor and simulator capable of graphically previewing how a program will be punched on an Amada® CNC punch press. Manually write or edit an existing Amada® G-code file and view the changes before sending the program to the control.

Check your part by measuring the distance between tool hits on the screen. Zoom in for a better view of all punch hits including nibbling and micro-joints. Slow down the simulation speed for an easier view of the exact punching sequence. Automatically find which tool hits are produced by a particular line in the G-code file. Get automatic G-code help while typing and error checking during simulation. These are only some of the features of PunchSim.

Machine operators can preview and get valuable information on their next job. Visually verify clamp interference, micro-joints, repositioning, punching sequence, etc.

Programmers can create and verify G-code files or just check the NC code created by a CAM system before sending it to the shop floor. Can you confirm that your CAM system actually generated the G-code sequence exactly as you wanted? No more surprises from the shop floor. You can verify everything in your office computer beforehand.

Ever wanted to know how long the next program will take to punch? The Punch Estimation Report includes total time, total tool hits, number of tool changes, and total distance traveled, for your program. Improve operator efficiency and reduce machine setup time.

No need for a scientific calculator any more, the included Math Expression Calculator is easy to use and is all you will ever need for programming.
Use the Bend Deduction Calculator to help program a flat part more quickly and accurately. Correct flat layouts mean less time with costly corrections and less scrap parts.
Want to know the tonnage required for a punch in a particular material? The included Punch Force Calculator will do that in a snap.
Includes DNC serial communication function to send G-code files to the machine control using the Com Port.

Want to be a programmer? This is a terrific tool for anybody wanting to learn to create Gcode programs. Not having access to a machine can make it very difficult to test your programs when trying to learn. PunchSim is like having access to a machine anytime and without the fear of breaking anything. This is why several technical schools in Europe and America use it in their classrooms. PunchSim is also used in sheet metal shops, and by programmers in the office and at home.

PunchSim is specifically designed for Amada® turret punch presses.

  Punch press simulation software
Manually write or modify an existing G-code file
User defined machine properties
Supports popular tooling: Round, Square, Rectangle, SingleD, DoubleD, Obround, Special
Automatic G-code help while typing

New punch time estimation report
Basic G-code error checking
Verify before punching


Variable simulation speed
Zooming functions
DNC function to send files to machine by com port (RS-232)
Total tool hit count during simulation
Includes an Expression Calculator, Bend Deduction Calculator,  and Punch Force Calculator
Measure between tool hits in simulation
Easily identify tool hits produced by a G-code line
Supports most standard Amada® G-codes
Supports Inch or Metric G-code, and so much more...

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11

CNC software for everyone.