All the features of our standard LaserSim software plus the ability to EXPORT AMADA® G-CODE TO DXF

Manually write or modify an existing Amada® G-code file
Simulate cutting sequence
Basic G-code error checking
User defined sheet size
DNC function to send files to machine by com port (RS-232)

Need to reverse engineer an existing Amada® G-Code program?
With LaserSimPlus you can export your Amada® G-code simulation to a DXF file compatible with any CAD software

Want to know the process time for a program?
LaserSimPlus's new Estimate Process Time function
which will calculate total rapid movement, pierces, cutting length and output an estimated process time based on your setup

LaserSimPlus is specifically designed for Amada® laser G-code
Verify before cutting  
Variable simulation speed
Zooming functions
Optional trace line between cutting
Automatic G-code help while typing
Includes an Expression Calculator and Bend Deduction Calculator
Setup in G-code file
Measure laser cutting in simulation
Easily identify laser cutting produced by each G-code line
Supports most standard Amada® G-codes
Supports Inch and Metric G-codes, and much more...

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11

CNC software for everyone.