Press Brake Bending

BendCalc is a bend deduction and bend allowance calculator for sheet metal air-bending. Actually BendCalc is more than that, BendCalc is five calculators in one.

BendCalc gives you flexibility to calculate bending results depending on the data you have.
Don't know the K-Factor? BendCalc will calculate one taking into account material type and tool radius.
When air-bending, V-Width selection affects final radius which means it also affects bend deduction. Find out what that radius will be and what the deduction is. BendCalc also warns you if you choose a V-Width out of range for your thickness.
Easily calculate the K-Factor to be used in your 3D design software. Reverse engineer the K-Factor from your own shop validated data.
Find out how much tonnage will be required for a specific bend taking into account bend method (air bending, coining, etc) and V-Width, etc.
Works in Inch or in Metric system.

5 Calculators in 1

Calculator 1: Calculates Bend Deduction and Bend Allowance given bend angle, material thickness, radius and K-Factor.

Calculator 2: Calculates Bend Deduction and Bend Allowance given bend angle, material thickness, tool radius, and material type.

Calculator 3: Calculates Bend Deduction and inner radius, given bend angle, material thickness, material type and V-Width.
BendCalc also warns you if you choose a V-Width out of standard range for your material thickness. Works in both the Inch and Metric system.

Calculator 4: Calculates the K-Factor given the bend angle, material thickness, radius and bend deduction.

Calculator 5: Calculates Tonnage required to bend given the bending method, material type and thickness, V-width and bend length.

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11


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