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Our sheet metal engineering software provides A cost-effective solution for all.
Manually create, edit, and verify G-Code files for Amada® machines using PunchSim and LaserSim. These indispensable tools cater to the demands of engineers, programmers, machine operators, and students alike.

PunchSimPlus and LaserSimPlus have all the functionality of PunchSim and LaserSim but take it a step further and give you the ability to convert an existing G-Code program into a DXF drawing file. A game-changer for those engaged in the meticulous process of reverse engineering older G-code programs.

Unlock precision in every bend with BendCalc, a comprehensive suite of five calculators meticulously designed to compute bend allowances and bend deductions. Ensure a flawless flat layout size determination with every calculation.

Dive into the depth of sheet metal mastery with our Sheet Metal Reference and Tutorial Series—invaluable publications that transcend traditional programming and unfolding references. Crafted as easy to follow tutorials, these books are tailored for anyone aspiring to master the intricacies of the profession, offering a clear and easy pathway to expertise.

about CNCsoft

In an era where many CAD/CAM software developers have shifted focus away from G-code editors and simulators, CNCsoft stands apart. We have developed software that empowers users to create and modify G-code files manually, coupled with a robust simulation feature to preview the execution before deployment on the machine. Notably, our software excels in reverse engineering—an acclaimed feature among our users.

Our software solutions go beyond their conventional role as mere time and cost-saving tools for machine operations; they serve as invaluable educational resources for those delving into the intricacies of NC programming. Embraced by sheet metal shops, trade schools, freelance programmers, and students, our products cater to a diverse audience seeking excellence in sheet metal engineering.

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