Sheet metal software

Affordable sheet metal software for everyone.
Create, edit, and verify G-Code files for Amada® machines using PunchSim and LaserSim. Two essential tools for engineers, programmers, machine operators, and students.

Calculate bend allowances and bend deductions with BendCalc. Four calculators in one to assist in determining correct flat layout size.

Our Sheet Metal Reference and Tutorial Series are programming and unfolding books for anyone wanting to learn. Written as tutorials and easy to follow.

about CNCsoft

At a time when most Cad/Cam software developers have left behind G-code editors and simulators. CNCsoft has developed software to manually create, edit G-code and simulate it's execution on a machine.

Our software is designed not only as a tool to save time and money in the shop, but also as a great learning tool for everyone interested in NC programming. Our clients include sheet metal shops, trade schools, freelance programmers and students.

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